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We come to you, sit and have a coffee with us to get inspiration for your next website.

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All of our hosting is dedicated and you will only be given the resources you need.

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why choose usIn addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service, we offer web hosting, email, website builders and 24/7 support

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We backup twice a day everyday and store your backups opffsite for upto 90 days.

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All of our servers are current and up to date. 24/7 monitoring and fully redundant.

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Our system is powered via 2 individual providers and they are backed up by generators that are 24/7 fuelled for even the worst power outages.

Unlimited Traffic

When we sell you unlimited we really do mean unlimited. No capping or performance drops. all of our servers are connected via 10gb uplinks to 4 different ISP's

High Level Security

CCTV from all angles and keycard verification. Keeping your data safe.

Experienced Staff

We only employ the strogest candidates and all of our staff get the highest level of training possible.

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We are working on a Knowledge Base to help you as much as possible.

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Our 3 hosting packages are scalable and what we think are the best per price too.

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18Nov, 2016

Datacentre Power Distribution

In past posts I’ve described our data centre as being Tier 3+ 2N and the arrival of our transformer gives me the perfect opportunity to fully explain what 2N means. 2N relates to our chosen power management setup for the data centre. Simply put, N is the amount of power and distribution required to run our data centre to its full potential. Our data centre […]

17Nov, 2016

Datacentre Cooling

At full capacity our 9,300 sq ft data hall will house 3,600 high spec servers that in total require a megawatt of electricity – that’s enough to power a whole street of houses. One of the biggest challenges we face is managing the humidity and temperature within this environment to ensure that our power consumption and impact on the environment is kept to a minimum, […]