10 Ways to Lose a Customer

Your customers are what helps a business survive. When customers spend money, your business can keep its doors open for another day. It is important to listen to the feedback given by customers to make improvements to slow down the frequency of customers buying from the competition.

1. Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service is at the top of the list when it comes to customer retention. When customers feel like a number or as “just as sale”, it does not make them want to continue to do business with your brand. Customers should be made to feel important and their questions should never be a bother to any of your employees.

2. Not Trending

Is your business following the current business trends? If not, your customers may be discontent with your brand. Consumers like brands that can change and evolve with advanced technology, buying trends, and consumer needs. The use of advanced technology will help your business become up-to-date and able to compete by being trendy.

3. Defective Products

Repeated reports of defective products makes customers leave and seek a substitute with a competitor. It is important to fully test products for safety, function, and practicality prior to releasing them for sale. When consumers see multiple product recalls from one company, their impression of the company suffers.

4. Poor Website Performance

When a website is slow, freezes, or does not have a properly working search function it drives traffic away. If a consumer cannot easily find what he or she is looking for, frustration sets in and additional options are sought. Ensure that your brand’s website is mobile-friendly, optimized, and organized.

5. Poor Brand Reputation

All it takes is one bad review being posted to start an ambush of negativity for a brand. The negative reputation can be difficult to overcome, but persistence pays off. Begin interacting with your audience, posting reviews, and reacting professionally to negativity to bring customers back.

6. Inconsistencies

Inconsistencies in content display, and even shipping, confuses customers. A recent trend is the demand for same day delivery, businesses not offering this option are losing customers. Society has become impatient. With advanced technology and logistics options, society expects brands to be consistent with the rest of the industry. Consumers also expect brands to deliver consistent content on a regular basis for communications purposes.

7. Toxic Employees

Employees that are not focused on their jobs are easily detectable by customers. When customers see employees checking cell phones, chatting in corners or are seemingly distracted, it is a big turn off. Not only does it reduce productivity, it tells customers that employees do not care about their employer or the customer.

In some cases, a toxic employee may be bringing their personal issues to work, which sabotages the productivity of the entire staff.

8. Pricey Products

If the products manufactured by your brand are too expensive for the target audience, customers will seek out more cost effective items. It is difficult to regain customers when your prices drive them away. It is important to be competitive while still making a profit, but this cannot be at the expense of losing your customer base.

9. Behind Technology

Customers want to work with brands that are up-to-date on technology and features. It tells the audience that the company pays attention to society’s evolution and technology. Advanced technology enhances consumer experiences and increases brand efficiency.

10. Boring Marketing

If your brand’s marketing attempts are not performing, your consumer base either is bored or is unable to connect with the product. This big marketing issue needs to be fixed immediately. When marketing campaigns fail to capture the intended audience, customers will go to a competitor that has marketing campaigns that do grab their attention. To reel in new customers or keep those on the fence around, consider a few promotions.

Final Thoughts

If you make a few changes to your business strategy and standard practices, your customers will stay loyal for a longer period. With that being said, consumer experience should be a priority for your business. The customer may not always be right, but their words should act as insight regarding their unique experience with your business.