Content Delivery Network

We’re pleased to announce that our Content Distribution Network is now live. At no extra cost, and it will give your sites a performance boost wherever your users are in the world. You have several options to choose from; dynamic caching, and full control over the duration of caching of images, JavaScript and CSS compression. edge-caching is also an option to be used in addition and includes a comprehensive website speed optimisation suite. Through tools like image compression and code minification, it can drastically speed-up a website. You can turn on the recommended settings, or experiment with over 40 separate ways to boost your site speed. Access all the new CDN features now by Managing your hosting packages. To read more details into our Content Delivery Network Please Click Here

This CDN Works with All Cloud and WordPress hosting and Management packages

How It Works:

We use an exclusive amount of very well connected datacentres in America and around Europe to reduce the amount of POPs used by transit providers by providing the best latency possible. We foot the bill on premium hardware located directly in datacentres that all traffic from a region will go through. Reducing the distance between site visitor and the heavier content of your site

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