Branding Update

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We had our logo designed over 5 years ago now and i dont feel the now old one fits its purpose as much. When i first launched this business my aim was to be a Website Designer with in-house hosting facilities. Step forward to 2022 our offering is much more than it use to be, with the help of our inhouse design team we came up with a new one. We are also in the transition of changing our tag line from Design and Hosting to Cloud Solutions. We have fully transisioned to a full cloud infrastructure for all services now which offers amaziing failover features and better performance than we could of ever wished for.


So with that being said out with the old!

And in with the new!

DevonWebs Cloud Solutions is now working on a whole new range of products so keep your eyes peeled. We have already done a soft launch for Minecraft Server’s with much more to come.


The Team 🙂

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