Fully Featured CDN

The free Content Delivery Network we offer help your users load your website via our distributed global network of caching servers.

Content Delivery Network

What is a CDN and what will it help with?

A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is all about making a website load faster for all users, wherever they are in the world.

This is done by caching copies of your website on  uniquely setup caching servers across other countries as Key locations. In our case study we tested a website is hosted at one of our UK data centres. There could be a delay if you try to access that site from the USA. but with a copy of your website is stored on a caching server closer to the user, called a Point of Presence (POP). Multiple copies of your site’s data is stored at different POPs throughout our network, so the site will load faster in remote places. Your users will navigate your site more efficiently.

It also helps your website in other ways. Search engines love fast-loading sites so there’s an SEO benefit to having a CDN.

The DevonWebs free CDN offers the same features as paid CDNs from providers like Cloudflare.

CDN By DevonWebs for Free

Ultra-Fast Caching

We store multiple cached versions of your website and its media across out outer network allowing your customers to get the same quick responce you can expect right here in the UK

100% Uptime

These Caching servers are located at the heart of most ISP networks and are also fully redundant if one goes down another jumps in its place instantly.

Reduced Load Times

The way our CDN is built it will cover any extra load and provide your customers with the smoothest experience possible.


Supercharge your site with our Website Optimisation Suite

If your website is image and video heavy, it will end up loading slowly and losing you valuable time and business even if you use fast hosting and an alternative CDN. Our Website Optimisation Suite gives you tones of options to help bring down your data payload, without having an effect on its appearance or functionality.

Automatic Image Resizing

Revolutionary Image Compression

Intuative Lazy Loading

Next Generation Image Formatting

Code Reduction

One Click Activation

All these features are available at your finger tips.

Every website is different, Thats why we give you full control over each feature of our CDN and Web Optimisation Suite, you can enable our tried and tested 1 click boost feature and for more advanced users you can play with all the settings to fine tune your website. Our features give you over 40 Different ways to compress and optimise Images, Text, CSS and Java. 

Against Cloudflare Pro our CDN Comes out on top everytime and you are getting all the features Cloudflare have on offer plus Unlimited Load Balancing, Unlimited Usage, PCI Compliance and Dedicated SSL Certificates.

We give you the tools you need to achieve a Google PageSpeed Score of 100/100!

Why use DevonWebs CDN?

While a fast-loading site on desktop is important, mobile devices are now the more common way to access the internet. Mobile networks are slower at times and phones are less powerful than desktops

This can impact your bottom line: when page load time increases from 1 second to 10 seconds, the probability of a user abandoning your page rises by 90% (Google). People are impatient and unwilling to wait for a slow web page: latency costs you money.

Google’s messaging about site speed couldn’t be more clear: fast sites rank higher, and slow sites may receive a penalty. Site speed has become increasingly important to ranking on all search engines’ results pages.

Our CDN and website optimisation suite will help shave off those seconds from load your websites time – improving its SEO performance all over the world not just here in the UK.

In some countries it’s quite common that data comes with a heavy penalty and is much more expensive. Our CDN will reduce the amount of bandwidth your website uses and make it more friendly for anyone using it regardless of device.

Since our CDN is free to all users of cloud hosting we would say use it all the time. There are no pit fulls or disadvantages to using it and unlike CloudFlare, Rocket WP and other CDN providers we never charge for bandwidth usage

The only time you make want to disable these features are if you experience any functionality issues with your website. BUT if you do give us a message and will will be more than happy to assist you in dominating your webspace.

We promise to never impose any adverts on our service as we release this features to change the future of web hosting. Our CDN is our way of making our web hosting packages even better value and world class!

Paid web hosting is available from £3.00/month.

Cloud Hosting

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