Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

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Cloud Backup protecting your business.

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Almost every organisation now recognises the need to manage data differently, economising on storage, moving workloads to the cloud and ensuring the security of that data in the event of a disaster or breach. But few are aware that they can achieve their data-management goals without compromising on agility. Redstor gives you a single unified view of your data and ensures you can recover your information instantly with near-zero downtime. Unlike other providers, Redstor offers this functionality at no extra cost, no matter how many times you use it.

  • Backup and recovery: Eliminate downtime. Redstor’s Instant Data provides on-demand access to your data, ensuring it is always available, instantly, on any device.
  • Archiving: End delays in accessing archived data, whilst dramatically reducing primary storage costs and improving the return on investment of existing assets.
  • Disaster recovery: Meet your recovery targets with instant recovery. Redstor gives you the tools to get users up and running instantly.
  • Data migration: Stop cloud lock-in. Move data between different clouds and platforms without downtime.

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With DevonWebs Cloud backup you will always be protected against data loss.  Never lose a file again.