Email Protection

Email Protection

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Effortless Protection

Our easy to use cloud based email protection will allow you to go about your business with no worry of spam in your emails, we are secure all incoming email and block viruses

Always On

Email is the most important means of communication in today’s business world. Spam, viruses and malware remain however the most serious threat to business downtime, productivity and resources. Premium Email Protection is an advanced layer of protection which automatically protects your inboxes using the most comprehensive, updated and effective email threat protection service available.

Why do you need premium

All hosting accounts use standard email protection. Standard provides the basic, always-on protection that can be manually managed within any hosting manager. Premium Email Protection gives you the extra protection with simple management. Instant activation on any hosting account, no software required.

Protect your email with us today

One Package fits all

  • Powerful Automatic Spam Filtering
  • Block Email Viruses and Malware
  • Continued Updates Keep You Protected
  • Easy Spam Management

Your emails dont need to be hosted by us to use this service, Its a simple MX Record change and thats it.

Easy to Use WebUI to manage the filter and allow or deny any emails manually and overide our automatic system.

Unlimited Plan
Everything Protected
  • Protects UNLIMITED Emails
  • Virus & Spam Protection
  • Web Access