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Marketing challenges or frustrates most business owners.

Without an in-house marketing manager or hiring an agency on a retainer, it can be a struggle to get your marketing as good as it needs to be.

60 Minute Marketing Makeover is the missing link to more customers and sales.

In fewer than 50 short, punchy pages and 60 minutes of reading, you will pick up action steps to implement immediately. 

 The 21½ practical action steps shared in the book are explained concisely and clearly – without jargon. So the gem you need is not hidden away on page 200. You can skim it for a few minutes or read it cover to cover in an evening – on a train or a flight. Most people feel inspired and ready to go after reading it, ready to boost your business the next morning.

60 Minute Marketing Makeover is the quick way to fill the hole in your marketing that is hurting your business and costing you money.

Which of the following are hurting your business?

  • “Not enough leads to convert into sales”
  • “Lots of interest but little of it converts into sales”
  • “We are great at what we do but we need help connecting with our target audience”
  • “We are in a price war – competition is fierce, customers hold all the power”
  • “Our communication, sales materical and website needs revamping”

What are you waiting for? This book could be all yours in the next 10 minutes

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