The Importance of a Fast Loading Website

We’re always taught that first impressions always count. Whether you’re going to a job interview or meeting a group of people for the first time the first few moments can leave a lasting impression forever. For your clients, it’s very possible that their first impression will come from your website.

Let’s take the job interview example and translate it into your hosting package. You’ve arrived for your interview, shaken hands and given the best presentation of your life, but your suits to small! Not a great way to make a first impression. Just like our example, you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your clients with a slow loading website.

You can ensure your website runs as smoothly as possible by ensuring your have the best hosting package for you. Here’s how to assess your needs:


Website Growth

As your business grows so should your website. The more people that visit, the better! You’re obviously doing something right. Increased traffic means more visibility but it also comes with some issues.

As a new business it’s likely that you chose a start-up plan. At first, these ‘start-up’ plans will do everything you will require as a small business but as you grow they will start to struggle with increased traffic and won’t be able to cope with your added resources.

Here at DevonWebs, we’ve made an easy three step guide to assess if it’s time for an upgrade.


1.      Your site is slow

Let’s imaging for a moment that you are your client. You’ve just been told about your business by a friend and are eager to find out more. You’re given the website address and type it into your browser, but it doesn’t load fast – remember those first impressions from earlier. As a rule, your website should load in less than 2 seconds. Users who wait longer than this are unlikely to wait around. 

There are many reasons why a webpage might run slowly. One major contributing factor is often your hosting plan. There’s a possible that your current plan may be insufficient to handle multiple requests. 

You can find out your loading time by using Google PageSpeed Insights, a tool made by Google for analysing how quick a website loads. Go ahead and try it for yourself on your website. Done that? Great! If your score was between 50 – 100 then that’s great! However, if it was below or nearing towards 50 it might be time to considering upgrading to a Pro plan.


2.      Security Concerns

Content should always be as safe as possible. You should always use a reputable hosting company. People will often use a cheaper, less secure service. While they may meet your needs your data may easily be compromised!

A security breach can be costly for your business and loss of data can’t always be easily recovered. A plan with backups included can ensure your data is easily returned to it’s state if the worst was to happen, just like how we have daily backups!


3.      More resources/features required

We’ve already discussed how added growth can put more stress on your website. Using a Pro hosting plan will give you added features, so your website can run as smoothly as possible. Depending on the plan you chose depends on the different features you get, so why not head over to our web hosting page and check what we can offer!



In this blog we’ve given you an overview of how you can check you’re on the right plan for you. The most important thing to remember is that you should always use a reputable hosting service. Not only will you notice increased speeds and better service, but you’ll also have the assurance of your data being kept as safe as possible.

It’s always good to see results for yourself. Below you can see a picture of how a different plan can change your loads speeds!



So now you know how to check if you’re on the right hosting package for your business why don’t you check out all we have to offer? Here and if you want to discuss any of our packages further why don’t you contact us? We’re always happy to help!