Black Friday 2022

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ARE UP!   Codes: BFHost-Monthly – All Web Hosting Packages in UK ...

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Branding Update

We had our logo designed over 5 years ago now and i dont feel the ...

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How To Make Money Online

The Internet has made it possible to reach people all over the world, and if ...

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5 Most Common WordPress Attacks

5 Most Common WordPress Attacks When it comes to cybersecurity, WordPress is a victim of ...

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The secrets of a good web hosting agency

The secrets of a good web hosting agency Fast, flexible and secure hosting UK plans ...

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High Demand Website? No Problem

Do you have a large website? We have several hosting products that are worth looking ...

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Content Delivery Network

We’re pleased to announce that our Content Distribution Network is now live. At no extra ...

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What we achieved in 2019

We thought you might be interested to know what we have done and achieved in ...

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Free Performance Boost

PHP 7.4 and Website Speed Performance Boosts We made the latest version of PHP – version 7.4 – available ...

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How to block certain countries from visiting your website

If you have noticed that you are being attacked from a specific country or simply ...

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