What we achieved in 2019

We thought you might be interested to know what we have done and achieved in the last 12 months  

Here’s my look at all the things we have changed, improved and created in the last year, We don’t normally openly speak about what’s going on behind the scene’s but this year has been big for us.

We bought out a company that provide VPS (Cloud Servers) and with that came all of the existing infrastructure which since we have had control of have ended up expanding and improving. We welcomed on board the customers from OwnBox and quickly integrated together with DevonWebs. Our customer base has expanded on an international level this year which is something I never thought I would be able to say.

With the dramatic price rises of cPanel in September we had to find an alternative which behind the scenes we had been working on for some time and was our first dedicated platform to build on. We then migrated all of our customer data and websites across to this new, truly unlimited full auto scaling system that has a lot of auto healing properties. We can run malware scans on our entire network with a few button presses, updating WordPress became easier. Customer friendly control panel that makes your admin tasks much easier. There are no single points of failure anymore which is something that our cPanel servers couldn’t offer us. No matter how many visitors you get each and every one of them would see the same lightening fast performance. All the servers run from a central storage node which is synced up across 2 data centres right here in the UK. If one of the servers go down nothing else goes down with it. Our load advanced load balancing system simply routes your visitor to another web server as if there was no problem at all. All this can be done which offering over 1Tbps of DDoS protection at no extra cost. This kind of protection is used by major corporations.

We also introduced an extra layer of protection that verifies if a visitor is a robot when approaching a login form this has no load time increases to your website and protects you from password bots and other improvements that we have programmed into it. In the last few weeks the biggest achievement for us has been the release of PHP 7.4 because our platform is customised to our liking, we have built in the features we think is best suited. Behind the scene’s we have updated nearly all of the websites hosted with us to this version of PHP meaning you are running the very latest in PHP and all the new security enhancements.

We have more projects in the pipeline with the biggest one being a CDN (Content Delivery Network) Once we release this all media and static files will be served from a global content delivery network making your websites load even fast than they are. We will keep you updated with this and won’t be adding any extra cost to your hosting packages. This will run very nicely with our NEW managed WordPress hosting package. This consists of Unlimited Disk, Bandwidth and Expandability along with us managing all aspects of your website for you including and edits. This package will be priced at £20 a month for existing customers. (If you would like to know more about this just contact us for a chat)

That’s all for now folks, Thanks again for all your continued support in the past 12 months. We look forward to seeing what the future brings as we expand. 


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